Eolo Medical Raises Over $7 Million in Series B Funding Round

August, 2019 – Eolo Medical, an early stage company focused on therapies for advanced COPD treatment, recently announced a major investment of over $7 million (50 Million Chinese Yuan) by China-based Yuexiu Financial Holdings and Ying Lan Capital. Eolo plans to use this money to initiate clinical studies of their proposed Type III implantable device for the treatment of advanced COPD. They will also continue their investigations into related pulmonary disease treatments using associated medical devices.

Yuexiu Financial Holdings has significant investments in a number of large medical device companies. They believe the collaboration with Eolo will accelerate the development of medical devices in pulmonology, and therefore provide a better quality of life for advanced COPD patients. Rong Lu, President of Yuexiu Financial Holdings, said, “By investing in novel medical/pharmaceutical projects, we hope to improve the overall health of the population at large. We look forward to seeing the results on the ongoing investigations underway at Eolo.”

There are over 328 million COPD patients worldwide, with approximately 100 million patients in China alone. Today, there is no efficient and effective way to cure patients or help them recover from the physical damage caused by COPD. For these patients, treatment with new medical devices provides an opportunity for an improved quality of life.

Through funding generated by Coridea, one of the premier medical device incubators in the U.S., Eolo has collaborated the development of their technology with Dr. Nanshan Zhong, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease, Dr. Shiyue Li, Director, Department of Respiratory Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, and other top pulmonologists in China and the US. Eolo has developed a stable patent portfolio, and has validated the compatibility, performance, safety and efficacy of products in early clinical studies. Eolo’s products are targeted for release in China, the U.S. and Europe.